About 13th Floor Solutions

What we do in plain english…

13th Floor Solutions is a boutique management consulting firm. We help:

Software Companies with Product Management, Strategy and Marketing services as well as

Governments & Vendors with P3 Best Practices & Procurement Effectiveness Analysis and Technical Writing.

What we do in more detail…

We work with
[one_third]Software Companies and
Technology Startups on:

  • Product Vision & Product Strategy
  • Product Marketing & Product Education
  • Product Development & Project Management
  • Go-to-Market & Sales Strategy
  • Business Development & Partnership Relations
  • Opportunity Analysis

We can help make sure that you are delivering the right product at the right time to the right customers and finding success.

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[/one_third][one_third_last]Municipal, Provincial & Federal Governments
as well as Vendors on:

  • Project Design, Planning & Implementation
  • Establish P3 Best Practices
  • Conduct a Procurement Effectiveness/
    Lessons Learned
  • Technical Writing Services that will
    Bootstrap RFP and RFQ development
  • Vendor Relations

We can help make sure that you are designing and delivering an effective procurement while taking into account lessons learned in prior P3s – both in your jurisdiction and others.