About 13th Floor Solutions

What we do in plain english…

13th Floor Solutions is a boutique management consulting firm. We help:

Software Companies with Product Management, Strategy and Marketing services as well as

Governments & Vendors with P3 Best Practices & Procurement Effectiveness Analysis and Technical Writing.

What we do in more detail…

We work with
Software Companies and
Technology Startups on:

  • Product Vision & Product Strategy
  • Product Marketing & Product Education
  • Product Development & Project Management
  • Go-to-Market & Sales Strategy
  • Business Development & Partnership Relations
  • Opportunity Analysis

We can help make sure that you are delivering the right product at the right time to the right customers and finding success.

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Municipal, Provincial & Federal Governments
as well as Vendors on:

  • Project Design, Planning & Implementation
  • Establish P3 Best Practices
  • Conduct a Procurement Effectiveness/
    Lessons Learned
  • Technical Writing Services that will
    Bootstrap RFP and RFQ development
  • Vendor Relations

We can help make sure that you are designing and delivering an effective procurement while taking into account lessons learned in prior P3s – both in your jurisdiction and others.

We can help you with…

We can help you with a number of different services. We can work on your project in a more holistic or if you have specific issues you need addressed, we can take a more targeted approach.


Are you a Software Company/Technology Startup or a Municipal, Provincial or Federal Government/Vendor selling into government?



If you are a Software Company or a Technology Startup we can help you with…


Product Vision,
Product Strategy &

What product you should be building now & going forward, where the product opportunities are and what your product positioning is (i.e. where do you fit into the competitive landscape); What monetization methods are available to you and which combination of those makes sense based on your long term business goals; How you will continually improve your product in the future.

Product Marketing,
Go-to-market &
Sales Strategy

WHOM you will actively target within the market; WHAT your product portfolio will be for target customers; HOW MUCH you charge for your products for different customer segments; HOW you promote your products to target customers; WHERE you promote and sell your products to target customers; WHAT sales methodologies you employ.

We help leaders like you

move from working

IN the business to

working ON the



Marketing Planning &

Developing a Marketing Plan; Executing on your Marketing Plan; baking Marketing right into your product design so that it is a natural function of your product instead of a discrete activity done after the fact.

Social Media Marketing &

Successfully executing a social media marketing plan to build lines of communication with your current and potential customers that increase customer satisfaction; Effective use of gamification theory to increase engagement with your current and potential customers.

Product Education &

The ways by which you educate your users on how to use your product to its maximum capabilities so as to move them from engagement to adoption; How you best communicate with your customers and partners about your product and its abilities.


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Product Development &
Project Management

Executing on your product development plan to design, build, test and launch your product on-time and bug-free as well as continually improve your product.

Project Management from conception to completion and on-time as well as in-budget.

Business Development Strategy

Developing strategic partnerships and collaborations with other players in the market for mutual success; Making sure that you use partnerships to ensure that your internal resources are focused on what makes your business unique and that you’re not “re-inventing the wheel” unnecessarily.


Partnership Execution &
Relationship Management

Executing technical integrations with your partners; Partnership relationship management to foster long-term successful partnerships.

Strategic Planning &
Corporate Development

Ensure that you are moving your company forward in a directed and focused manner with a long-term vision and a business plan to execute against.

Capital Fundraising

Raising the money to establish or grow your business through a variety of means.

Capital Management

Making sure you maximize your capital/cash flow and control costs.

Exit Strategy

Planning how you will reap the rewards of your hard work (even if you never intend to actually sell your business to anyone else).



If you are a Municipal, Provincial or Federal Government; or a Vendor selling into government, we can help you with…


Project Design & Planning

Clearly define the aspirational goals of the P3/procurement and then analyze which strategies, methodologies & associated processes will achieve those goals while ensuring best value for money.

Project Implementation

Work with your vendors and partners to implement the project plan while also ensuring that the P3 is operating with a spirit of trust and deep partnership between the government and the vendor.

P3 Best Practices

Ensure that your project implements various P3 Best Practices and takes lessons from past P3 projects — both in your jurisdiction and in those of your peers. Make certain that government processes are not limiting the achievement of maximum value for money or the Vendor’s ability to provide the best service to citizens while simultaneously verifying that the Vendor is transparent and accountable.

Technical Writing

Prepare clear, concisely written documentation that communicates the appropriate and complete technical information to the target audience. Manage large documentation projects including development timelines, approval processes and archival. Bootstrap the RFP and RFQ writing process by creating initial draft documents thereby saving time and leveraging experience across a multitude of P3 projects.

Procurement Effectiveness Analysis / “Lessons Learned” Study

Conduct a Procurement Effectiveness analysis / “Lessons Learned” study to ensure that all parties have a very clear understanding about what aspects of the project/relationship are working well, what aspects need to be improved and what actions each party will take to improve the project/relationship in the future. Note that these “Lessons Learned” studies are particularly valuable post-procurement and leading up to contract renewal but can also be immensely helpful mid-project and just prior to a milestone event.

When to call…

The reasons to call us are many and varied; however, there are a number of particularly potent reasons to call us based on the stage that you are at in your business/project’s lifecycle. For example:

What keeps you up at night about your business/project?

Call us at 604.649.5809 and let’s discuss how we can help you.

Startup (pre-funding)

Call us to help you take your idea and develop a minimum viable product so you can successfully get the funding required to grow.

Startup (funded)

Call us to help you grow your business into a self-sustaining entity as soon as possible; turn an “off the side of your desk” project into a professionally run organization while maximizing the funding you have and making sure that you keep enough financial runway to get the business off the ground.


Call us to help you take your great product and get it in front of new and/or broader audiences. We can also work on improving your product even more and ensuring that you are utilizing your resources in the best possible manner as well as making sure that you don’t have any internal barriers to growth.


Call us to help you clean up a business that has been struggling as of late. Let us help you identify and focus on your strengths, reduce costs and emerge re-energized and poised for a new life.


Call us to help you gear your business for a sale/exit event. We can help you make sure that the most valuable aspects of your business are highlighted and that you get the maximum value for your years of hard work.

In which stage is your business/project? Call us at 604.649.5809 and let’s talk about how we can help you.

Industries & Segments We Serve

We serve a number of different industries and segments within both the Private Sector and Public Sector.


Private Sector

  • Travel & Tourism
  • Education & eLearning
  • Healthcare & Electronic Health Records
  • Large-Scale Data Integration Projects

Public Sector

  • Provincial & Federal Governments
  • Law Enforcement agencies
  • Healthcare & Electronic Health Records
  • Crown Corporations
  • Vendors selling into the Public Sector